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And so it begins...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ahh... the world of blogging (she thinks as she takes a sip of her white wine over ice out of a plastic cup... yes, the wine was hot - don't judge me. You'd do it too.) How did we get here? How did I go from an 18 year old carefree spirit with huge dreams and all the energy in the world... to a 33 year old mom working from home, no makeup, unfixed hair who needs a mid-day glass of "almost cold" wine to make it through the constant mood swings from my 3 year old? That's a question I likely can't answer today. In fact, that's exactly what the purpose of this blog is. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to whine day in and day out about my forgotten youth and how the world has passed me by. In fact, I like to think of myself as on the verge of the "good" side of bipolar. There will be days that I'm ever-so motivated to create the most amazing Disney World trip plan known to man, and I'll share that with you. There will be days that I get SUPER crafty and will share tips on the amazingness I'm accomplishing. And yes, there will be days that I've had it with the world, and you, my friends, will get to watch the meltdown unfold. 

So why the blog? I have Pinterest and social media like the rest of the world. I, like you, see all the Suzy Homemaker posts with beautiful pictures of recipes and family vacations. And yes, I have made posts just like those. But how many of us are actually that picture perfect? I am surely not. The way I see it, I have more friends that need extreme motivation just to put their hair in a ponytail than anything else. That's exactly who this blog is for - my best friend that spends an hour getting ready to "look" like she just got done working out because she doesn't feel like wearing "real" clothes, my work bestie that will not acknowledge your existence until she's on her third cup of coffee for fear of quite literally biting your head off because she hates mornings... and people for that matter, my mom who in all of her southern glory still has dog food and random clutter sitting around the house when she is entertaining guests. If you can relate to any of those scenarios, then stay tuned. It's guaranteed to only get better from here. 

Leave us a comment, and let us know what you'd like to see from our twisted view of southern hospitality! 


  1. Well this country girl drinks wine out of a red solo cup and hasn't shaved her legs in 5 days. I have never really fit in the DC crowd of soccer mom's with Gucci bags and fancy SUVs. I generally show up in my 2000 Buick with sweat pants and flip flops, even in the winter. So I'm excited to read your blog. This is Sandy Troy, an old State Farm Intern friend. I'm having trouble connecting my Google account

  2. And that's exactly why I love you girl!

  3. Hey!! Great to read your blog, feels like we're not so very far away from each other.xxxx

  4. Wouldn't it be great if we weren't??! Miss you 😘


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