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Bring on the Mouse...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bring on the Mouse...

As the rain rolls in this afternoon, I find myself dreaming of Disney. That's right folks, I'm obsessed. I truly believe if I was offered the opportunity to live in Cinderella's Castle... I'd do it in a heartbeat. Can you imagine? Waking up every morning feeling like complete royalty (yeah... me in my oversized t-shirt and yoga pants with paint stains on them.... PURE. ROYALTY.), looking out your bedroom window to see the morning hustle and bustle of Main Street USA and all the glories of the Magic Kingdom only steps away. Sign me up!

Regardless of whether my next Disney World trip is actually booked or not, I am always planning. I keep about seven different Pinterest boards full of planning tips, packing lists, shirts I may or may not ever actually make with my Silhoutte, projects, and (best of all) FOOD LISTS.

I may be new to blogging on my own, but I promise you, friends, I am no stranger to spending countless hours sorting through blogs about Disney World and all the amazing FOOD there is to eat. (Like I actually need the calories... but calories don't count at Disney World.)

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my absolute favorite Disney Food Lists, mostly found on Pinterest. The first (and probably my most favorite) comes from A Night Owl Blog and covers 50 of the Best Things to Eat & Drink at Walt Disney World. In this post, she covers all the obvious crowd pleasers like the Dole Whip and cinnamon rolls, but she goes into so much more detail about all the random amazingness that most newcomers would have no idea existed! Do yourselves a favor, and check out her post.

My next favorite comes from The Frugal South and covers Disney Dining Plan Tips & Tricks. Anyone that knows me can tell you I LOVE a good deal. In my opinion, the Disney Dining Plan is well worth the money (or lack of money if you take advantage of the Free Dining Season, which we'll discuss very soon). This post from The Frugal South covers great ways to maximize your meal credits on the most expensive and most delicious options offered.

The last we'll cover today is a post from Urban Tastebud and covers the 10 Best Snacks to Maximize Dining Plan Credits. As with almost every Disney Food Blog, this one has the Dole Whip listed as number one. (Personally, I prefer the Citrus Swirl and truly believe it doesn't get the credit it deserves.) She makes mention of other greats like the AMAZING Ice Cream Sandwich found in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Scoops.

With all that said, here is a list of my absolute favorites from Disney World in no specific order:

  • The Butterfinger Cupcake from Starring Rolls - if you can eat it all in one sitting, I'll give you a medal
  • California Grill - literally anything from the menu - who wouldn't be amazed by phenomenal food that you can eat while enjoying a private view of the fireworks from Magic Kingdom??
  • "Adult" Dole Whips from Animal Kingdom - let's be honest, adding a shot of coconut rum only helps us make it through the lines, heat and screaming children
  • Mickey Pretzels with Cheese - simple, I know - but hey, I'm a kid at heart 
  • The Grey Stuff from Be Our Guest - I've wanted to be Belle basically my entire life, and with the option of tasting the Grey Stuff, I feel like I'm a little bit closer :) 
What are your favorite foods from Disney World? We'd love to hear from you! Share your comments below, and let us know what we should try on our next trip! 

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