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Disney Trip Packing List

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ah that feeling. You've booked your Disney Trip. How exciting. If you're anything like me, this is where the fun begins for you. Although, I absolutely LOVE being ON the trip, the most fun I probably have is the planning process. I spend countless hours/days/weeks/months researching, making lists, crafting, shopping and more. I obsess over every aspect of the trip from the days leading up until we return home. I have read countless Disney Packing Lists, and in my humble opinion, each one is missing a few key items. In this post, you'll discover a comprehensive packing list for your Disney trip, compliments of an obsessed Disney-goer. The beginning list items in BOLD are treasures I have found to be a lifesaver or something I would typically forget. I keep these things in my daily park bag, and I don't leave the hotel room without them. At the bottom, you'll find a comprehensive list of everything you need in your suitcase as well! 

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·        Shirts
·        Shorts/Pants
·        Shoes
·        Socks
·        Underwear
·        Pajamas
·        Swimwear
·        Toothbrush
·        Toothpaste
·        Dental Floss
·        Mouthwash
·        Hairbrush
·        Flat Iron/Curling Iron
·        Hairspray
·        Ponytail Holders/Clips
·        Deodorant
·         Shampoo
·        Conditioner
·        Body Wash
·        Perfume/Cologne
·        Makeup
·        Makeup Remover
·        Sunscreen
·        Hand Sanitizer
·        Q-Tips
·        Mole Skin
·        Medications
·        Nail Clippers
·        Razor
·        Shaving Cream

·        Coffee/Tea
·        Energy Bars
·        Soda
·        Boxed snacks with Ziploc bags to divide up for park days
·        GUM – this is not sold on any Disney property
·        Breakfast foods – if you plan on eating before going to the parks
Park Bag Items
·        Ponchos
·        Caribiner Misting Fans
·        Moleskin
·        Cooling Towels
·        Lanyard/Trading Pins
·        Hand Sanitizer
·        External Power Bank/Charger
·        Hats
·        Sunglasses
·        Magic Bands
·        Camera/Phone
·        Magic Bands/Park Tickets
·        Reservation Confirmations (hotel, travel)
·        Insurance Cards
·        Credit Cards
·        Cash for Tolls & Mousekeeping
·        IDs or Passports
·        Stamps for Postcards
·        Planning Binder

 As always, we'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment with any feedback, questions or suggestions! 

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