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FREE TUTORIAL: Custom Disney Autograph Book

Thursday, August 10, 2017

One of my favorite parts of a Disney Vacation is the months leading up to go time, when I can spend my days planning, shopping and crafting. I'm telling you, I get completely obsessed. My friends and family have learned to tune me out during this time. The benefit to you is, you get my free tutorials and tips! In this post, I'm going to show you why I always opt to create my own autograph books for the parks, and I'll also show you how I do it. These bad boys can cost you upwards of $10-15 in the parks. I'll show you how to create a MUCH cuter autograph book for about $5-6 on your own.

For starters, you should visit, where you can always find a money-saving deal on custom photo books. I have purchased different options from leather to hardcover, but my favorite is the plastic cover overlay. It comes spiral bound and is extremely convenient to throw in your park bag with a sharpie clipped to it. You'll find a range of costs on custom photo books, but you can typically score one for about $5 on Groupon.

Once you have purchased your custom photo book, head on over to and start collecting the character images you would like on the inside pages. Keep in mind, when you download these images, they will be slightly low quality. That does not matter. You want to keep most of the page space free for characters to sign autographs, so you won't be needing large images. When you are ready to start uploading them onto your inner pages, you'll want to trim them down to fit solely in the corners. Tip: When having characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, etc. sign your book, remember their hands are huge! You'll want to leave them with adequate room to sign big.

This next step is a little more involved. (Don't worry, for those of you who cringe at the thought of creating your own images or templates, we've got you taken care of. For a limited time, we will be giving away our front page template for FREE. Just send us and email, and we'll send you a free copy.)

If you like a creation challenge, listen closely. Visit and create a free account. From there, start with a blank page, and choose a page color. I prefer Mickey/Minnie red for anything associated with Disney World. For my latest creation, I uploaded a Minnie Mouse silhouette that I had scored from, and I copied it into 3 different images. I also hopped over to and downloaded a free Disney-themed font called Waltograph. On PicMonkey, when you add a font, they have an option to use "Ours" or "Yours". If you click on the "Yours" option, it will pull in all the fonts you have saved on your computer, including your new Waltograph font. I wanted my front page to be simple, so I used a simple Minnie Mouse polka dot silhouette and wrote my daughter's name on it using my new font. Easy as pie! I saved my creation as a JPEG image and uploaded it straight to my new photo book.

I am so in love with the idea of creating my own custom photo book to grab autographs at Disney World. Other than saving money, it had other great benefits as well. The characters got so excited to see their pictures on the page they were signing. Most of them gave my daughter extra special hugs for being so thoughtful. Also, having a toddler, it worked as a teaching tool. She was so excited to scroll through the pages and find the photo of the character she was meeting. She walked up to everyone saying "Look, that's you!". It was enough to make my heart melt!

Do you have any great creations to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment with any feedback, suggestions or requests!

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